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Shervin Asgari 
Shervin joins Sam and Tony for the 6th episode of Shiftfaced. Shervin is a long-time friend of Tony’s and has become a good friend of Sam’s as well. He spent his youth living in many different places – Iran, Abu Dhabi, Nebraska – but has called Vancouver home since 2002. Shervin studied engineering at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC and earned his degree in 2011. He currently works as a systems engineer in downtown Vancouver – a job which he doesn’t necessarily love, but pays the bills. Shervin has never worked in the service industry and has a hard time fully accepting the tipping system. (Something Tony and Sam argue with him about on a regular basis). He loves photography, soccer, travelling, beer, and living near English Bay in the summer. Good times are always had   with this guy!  Follow him on instagram! @shervincouver
Top 5 Celebrity Crushes: Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, JLo, Beyoncé

André Cordeiro  
André joins Sam and Tony for the 3rd episode of Shiftfaced. He is a good friend of Tony and Sam and a tremendously talented chef. He began working in the kitchen at popular Vancouver-based chain Earl’s where he ran the grill, and at present works as the Head Chef at a bustling brewery taproom. André is also currently in the process of opening a new modern Italian style restaurant in which he will be co-heading the kitchen. This guy works hard to continually pursue his culinary passion! Aside from his love of food, André’s interests also include soccer, running, travelling, UFC, and of course spending time with his many friends. It’s always a pleasure to chat with this gentleman! 
Top 5 Celebrity Crushes: Pamela Anderson, Jada Pinkett, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz

Andrew Leonard
Andrew joins Tony and Sam for the 14th and 15th epsiodes (a two-parter!) of Shiftfaced. Andrew, Sam, and Tony all met each other at a restaurant in Ottawa they worked as servers at (for admittedly too long) and have been good friends ever since. Andrew is newly married to his beautiful partner Chela and has a 9-year-old stepson, Phoenix. He has worked in the service industry for many years as server, a cook, and a general manager. He definitely knows what it is like to do restaurant shift work! These days Andrew works as Director of Technology and Community Relations at Integral Coaching Canada. In this role he is able to work remotely and regulate his own schedule, which he very much enjoys. Andrew loves his family and friends deeply, and is always a guy you can count on! Great conversations are always had with this lovely fella!


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